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Thealoz® Duo Gel

Durable Hydration and Sustained Bioprotection

Thealoz® Duo Gel is the first preservative-free combination gel that lubricates and protects while providing longer lasting relief from dry eye.


Drop Features:

  • Longer lasting tear film thickness1
  • Relieves signs and symptoms of post cataract ocular surface discomfort and tear film stability2
  • Suitable for use all day and especially during the night

Ideal for Patients:

  • Patients requiring additional relief from their more persistent dry eye signs and symptoms with fewer drops3
  • Pre and post-cataract surgery comfort (note: please confirm dosing with your doctor)2
  • Day and nighttime use (particularity suited for evening use in combination with Thealoz Duo drops during the day)

Thealoz Duo Gel