Myopia Control

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Managing myopia for clearer eyesight

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a common eye condition in which people can see close objects clearly, but far-away objects appear blurry. Myopia often progresses in children and teenagers due to genetic and environmental factors, but we worry when this progression reaches levels beyond the norm, or if we see large increases in myopia in short time spans.

At eye. Optometry, we attempt to slow this progression before risks for adverse effects increase. We offer a Myopia Control Clinic involving a structured plan of appointments, progress checks, as well as special lenses that have been shown to slow the rate of progression of myopia.


The importance of myopia prevention and control

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Myopia has become a widespread issue, often referred to as a growing epidemic. In 2010, 28% of the world’s population was affected, and by 2050, that number could reach 50%. Children have a 1 in 4 chance of developing myopia, even when neither parent has the disease.

One of the most pressing concerns associated with myopia is the increased risk of ocular disease in the future. According to specialists, up to 15% of patients with myopia will become highly myopic and be at risk for disorders such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataract, and retinal detachment.

That is why it is so important to control myopia in a child. Comprehensive eye exams play a pivotal in early detection and prevention. Learn more about our eye exams, or book an appointment today.


Advanced technology for myopia control

eye optometry - miyosmart lenses


MiYOSMART lenses are a safe, convenient myopia control product designed for children ages 6-18 who are showing signs of increasing nearsightedness.

With the exclusive non-invasive DIMS Technology, MiYOSMART spectacle lenses correct the visual defect on its entire surface and use a honeycomb-shaped segments area to slow down myopia progression. The alternation of the focus area and defocus area provides clear vision and manages myopia simultaneously.

The results of a two-year clinical trial showed that daily use of MiYOSMART spectacle lenses slowed down myopia progression on average by 60%. The lens design is very similar to a traditional single vision lens in terms of wearability and visual quality.

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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses, or simply contacts, are thin lenses placed directly on the surface of the eyes. They usually serve the same corrective purpose as conventional glasses, but are lightweight and virtually invisible, this way providing patients with freedom and comfort.

There are many contact lens options, each catering to specific needs and lifestyles. The first step towards finding the best option for you is booking a comprehensive eye exam to update your prescription and evaluate your eye health.

We offer expert eye exams, fittings, and a wide selection of contact lenses – available both in our office and on our online store. Learn more about all the options below.

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