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An introduction to eye. Optometry

From left to right, Nadeem, Maneet, Dr. Priya, Dr. Stephanie, Cassie.

Hello Everyone! It’s Dr. Priya here with my first blog!

(please bear with me as I've never written a blog before)

I’d like to start my first post introducing the clinic and my team. It’s an interesting story how we have evolved...

So, for those of you that have been to our clinic, you’ll know Maneet, my business partner/sister from another mother. We began our journey with an idea 5 years ago. It was around June 2012 when we started brainstorming ideas on how we’d like to open a clinic of our very own one day. Three months later we were speaking to the bank, and three months after that we opened our doors to eye. Optometry (December 10, 2012). Our hopes were to create a family environment with our team and a small town feel with our service (to pay homage to our small town upbringings). All the while keeping eyes (yours) our priority. It’s amazing to think that all happened nearly 5 years ago, and perhaps why I’m feeling a little sentimental reminiscing about our journey.

As we grew, our family (team) started to expand. Nadeem, our licensed optician, has been with us for over 2 years and has taken us to the next step with being able to offer complete glasses within the hour on select prescriptions. Dr. Stephanie Luk joined us almost 2 years ago now and allowed us the ability to open more hours/days to accommodate all of our lovely patients. Cassie, the baby of the family, only turned one with us last month. She brings a fresh smile, and has become the face of the business greeting everyone that walks through the door.

Maneet and I consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have such a beautiful work family. We’ve shared some great memories together over the years, and look forward to creating many more in the future. We love being a part of the community of Cloverdale and strive to contribute as much as we possibly can.

If you haven't come by to meet us in person, please call in and introduce yourself to us. We'd love to meet you!

And for all those interested, stay tuned as we will be hosting a very special promotion to celebrate our 5th birthday this December.

Thanks for reading, and have yourself a lovely day! "eye." hope to see you soon!

"Our mission is to provide every patient with old fashioned customer service while using modern technology."

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