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Choosing the right frame for your face shape

I have been a licensed optician for almost 8 years now and have earned the trust from thousands of customers on choosing a frame for their face shape. They often ask me what type of frame would suit them. The truth is, it is all in how confident you are while wearing the glasses.

The old tale of don’t choose a round frame for a round face, or a square frame for a rectangular face is completely thrown out the window. My main concern when fitting someone with a brand new style of frame is that it fits in width. Nothing looks worse than a frame that is too narrow, or too small for someone’s head. Like clothing, you should choose something not too large, and of course not too small.

Styles today have changed drastically from the early 2000’s. We are starting to see a comeback of styles all the way from the 1930’s to the 1990’s. Aviators, and combination frames (full frames that consist of plastic “brow lines” and a metal bottom), are styles that have come back and are begging to be worn by people of all ages.

If you wear glasses everyday, and are looking for one pair to last until your insurance coverage renews, I would recommend staying away from trends like the aviator. For men, a nice gloss black, rectangular plastic frame is a classy and timeless choice. As for women, tortoise plastic frames with a subtle “cat eye” would ensure you stay in style for years to come.

Are you curious to see what is in this year? It would be my pleasure to introduce you to the 2018 collections from Gucci, Versace, and YSL.

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