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Reasons why you need a back up or second pair of glasses

The importance of having back up glasses

Often I get told by patients that are contact lens wearers that there's no need to update their current glasses because they barely wear them. If there hasn't been a major change to the prescription from the last eye examination, then I usually agree. If the prescription has changed significantly though, I will recommend updating the glasses for the following reasons.

1. It's important to balance the wearing time of contact lenses and glasses so it gives your eyes the chance to breathe. Over wearing contact lenses can lead to a whole slew of problems related to hypoxia (oxygen deficiency), many of which are very hazardous to vision and eye health.

2. If you have an eye infection or injury where you need to temporarily remove your contact lenses to allow for healing, you need to be able to see and carry on with your day to day tasks with glasses. A pair of glasses in the most up to date prescription will allow you that ability.

3. If you need to leave the house for an emergency and you've all ready removed your contact lenses, you don't want to waste time re-inserting your lenses or risking your ability to remain within the legal driving standards with an old pair of glasses.

4. Glasses are fashionable and many people are wearing glasses for the purpose of fashion without needing a prescription. They also serve the purpose of added protection from environmental factors (dust, UV, blue light, etc).

5. Task specific needs. Just like you don't wear your dress shoes to the gym, you wouldn't wear reading glasses to see in the distance. Sometimes with contact lens wearers or even spectacle wearers, a task specific lens (eg. specifically for computer, or hobbies like sewing or biking) is necessary in order to make life more comfortable. And who doesn't want to live life more comfortably?

We often have many specials on purchasing multiple pairs, and contact lenses are considered a way of correcting vision so qualify as a pair. Come by and check out our monthly specials. We'd be happy to help you with a back up or second pair of glasses!

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